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Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen On A Budget

Remodeling a kitchen can cost upwards of $65,000. Once homeowners get a view of that figure, they begin to think twice about their renovation needs. Many capable adults can save money by making smart decisions and even performing a few DIY projects within the space.

These ideas can save you money within that budget, and even spark creativity to drive the entire project. By going against traditional renovation, you will have a unique space, that costs less than the average renovation.

Know Exactly What You Can Afford

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A kitchen budget should reflect your research of market options. Prices can be surprising both low and high and many have misconceptions of the current markets. Looking into the best way to purchase and finding what is realistic for you before deciding on a budget is the key to creating a complete project.

You should know the exact cost of your dream cabinets, countertops, appliances or any other aspect before investing in any materials. This will ensure the project can be completed without being forced to make unexpected sacrifices after the process has begun.

Focus On The Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can take a large chunk out of your budget, usually up to 35%, but for a whole kitchen remodel, it will likely be necessary to update the entire floor plan. Focusing most of your budget on cabinets will let you use your DIY skills elsewhere and still get an entire new outlook on setting the scene with beautiful cabinets.

If a remodel is necessary, but the funds are simply not present, always considering only replacing the doors of the cabinet. This way it may be easier to afford creating a more elaborate design with intricate doors. This can be a price saver when adding or removing a few sections is necessary. The interior can always be replaced at a later time, a simple paint job may even do the trick.

Changing the Environment With Low-Cost Options

With a solid design aesthetic chosen, there are ways to save on remodeling your kitchen, but you must be open minded. If you simply want to change the atmosphere of the space, know there are little changes you can make to transform an area. You’d be surprised what a coat of paint and a hint of creativity can do.

Change The Walls

A fresh color in a space can change the entire atmosphere. If the color is already desirable, you can save money by only adding an accent wall. This can cut your budget and time spent painting in half.

A great change could also mean adding a beautifully designed backsplash tiling. You can save on this cost by creating your own tile stencil and completing the design on your own. The same is true for painting, professional painters do a great job but can eat a whole in your budget.

Paint The Floor

It is almost a crime to paint a hardwood floor, but to completely have it refinished would be even more costly. This is often something done by modern designers to save the client money, while offering a whole new color pop to the space. Many top companies can completely restore a floor after it is painted, so it is something this is something that can be undone, that is if you don’t end up loving it.

Remove Cabinet Doors

Exposed dishware is making a comeback in modern kitchen designs. If replacing cabinets, or just their doors, is not an option, consider removing the doors altogether. This will highlight your dishware, so the more eclectic you are, the more of an effect this could create. This could even be a chance to replace or reorganize your dishware to match the design.

Change Hardware

Handles on the cabinets can usually be interchanged, and changing this little feature can give the illusion updating the entire space. Hinges should always be updated to match the overall design. These small details can not only ruin a look by sticking out and distracting from the theme but can even define the theme themselves.

Create a Focal Point

The main focal point of the kitchen is usually where guests will gather, like around an island. Give the space a clear focal point, and put a good portion of the budget into that area. Your kitchen should be interesting everywhere, but the focal point should tie together all other individual characteristics of the design.

If it is artwork, you will even have a conversation piece. Incorporating pops of color is the ultimate and eye-catching approach to a kitchen with personality.

Remodeling a kitchen is going to going to make a dent in your wallet, but by knowing your options, you can come up with creative projects that will update your kitchen on a budget. Doing your research and observing costs for individual aspects before even thinking about an overall price will help you create a realistic idea of what to expect. Everyone’s dream kitchen is different but by properly planning and examining your options, everyone’s dream kitchen is possible.

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