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Keeping a Colorful Kitchen Tasteful

Making your kitchen a comfortable place that reflects who you are could lead you to some very bold decisions. Color is coming back into style, and it is vital to know exactly how you can put these bursts of brightness into your kitchen without sacrificing the taste level. 

It can be a hard concept to accept, but if you want to have an exuberant kitchen that is not over-the-top, you must add hints of color, or focus on a few colorful aspects, so it is not too loud. Here are ways to brighten up your cooking space and still keep it clean and collected. 

Natural Elements

Color doesn’t necessarily have to be in the concrete design of a kitchen. Consider hanging greenery, which bring a whole new level of life to the space. A bowl of bright fruit can also give an accent of color, but can be changed at a moment’s notice. Even if you are not sure about your capabilities of caring for live plants, buy a few fake ones, and they can give the same sense of liveliness to the area. 

Floor Tiles

Let’s talk about the advantages of tiles for a moment. They are undeniably easy to clean and they come in every design imaginable. Adding a unique pattern to the floor can be just the right amount of color to give the area personality. Browse tile designs, and choose the one that will fully compliment the space, but still give the bold effect you’re looking for. Remember that redoing a floor involves a large amount of work, so it will need a professional or a motivated homeowner. 

Colorful Cabinets

Cabinets can be the deciding factor in the entire look of your kitchen. If you are truly insearch of a way to bring color throughout the entire space, having bright cabinets can do that. Stick to one color scheme, no matter if it is canary yellow, or a rich sea blue. You can carry this through the space by adding more hints of this color, either in the back splash or even accent dish towels. 


Artwork can change the aesthetic of the entire home. Using it as an addition to your colorful kitchen, can create great conversation over the particular painting or print choices. You can express the type of artists you enjoy, whether abstract, surreal, or even classical. There is artwork that will showcase any style of kitchen from farmhouse designs to contemporary. 


Since we are on the subject of flooring, a great way to spice up the area without a full-remodel is with a stylish rug, or runner. A natural spot for a rug is in front of the sink, it can help with unwanted spills, and keep your feet warm and comfortable while doing the daily dishes.


Wallpaper is not a common addition in kitchens any longer, but that does not mean you cannot use it to fully give the space a color-pop. Designs have evolved over the years, so dependent on your taste, you can find a style to compliment the floors, or cabinets. 

Pop-Of-Color Light Fixtures

Light is a necessity for the open kitchens modern homeowners yearn for. Add bright fixtures over your island, or even paint the ceiling around built in lights, which will give the entire colorful kitchen an exuberant glow. 

Curtains and Towels

Most kitchens have at least one window, usually above the sink. It is a great opportunity to add colorful curtains. You can even make them nature-themed to tie into showcased greenery. If you prefer a bare look to the windows, the color can also be added through your dish towels, or oven mitts. There are ways to tie all of these together with a common design, and bundles are sold all over the internet. 

A colorful kitchen can quickly become tacky, or overdone. With a critical eye, you can ensure it is not too over-the-top. Bringing color can bring life to the space, and it will showcase your particular personality. There are many ways to add these hints of design and keep the space tasteful and clean, full of your personality.

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