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Springhaus is a leading cabinet provider in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. Specializing in all types of cabinets from kitchen and bathroom to outdoor and specialty cabinetry. We offer stock, semi-custom, and fully custom selections to create a cabinet package that is tailored to your style, budget, and overall needs. We take great pride in helping clients design their spaces and cabinetry plays a big role in any design. For this reason, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients are satisfied with their cabinet selections.

Selecting cabinets can be a daunting task. They are easily one of the most expensive parts of any build or remodel, and you want to make sure that they meet your needs in function, style, and price point. There are numerous finish options, door styles, construction styles, and size considerations when selecting cabinetry. For this reason, we suggest working with a professional designer to ensure that your cabinet selections work with all your criteria and fit the space, but we’ve put together a guide to help you understand the basics.

Types of cabinets:

kitchen sink with beige cabinets and brass hardware
Image of Semi-Custom Cabinets

There are three basic types of cabinetry: stock, semi-custom and custom cabinets. There are different advantages to each style depending on your budget and needs.

Stock: Stock cabinets are the entry level option with the lowest price point and limited style options. These are made in common sizes and offer a limited selection of door styles and finishes. Stock cabinets are a great budget-friendly option to give your kitchen a quick, fresh new look. Usually the delivery times are fast, they are delivered assembled, and installation is fairly straightforward.

Semi-Custom: Semi-custom cabinets offer more styles and options than your stock selections. This allows customers to create a more personalized look for their kitchen or bath but at a lower cost than custom cabinetry. Generally, semi-custom cabinets are built to order and available for delivery within 4-8 weeks.
Most often, semi-custom cabinets are available in a wide variety of colors, paints, stains, and finishes with specialty finishing options and techniques such as distressing. Other specialty options include crown molding, stylized cabinet legs or feet, and a variety of hardware options to create your desired look. They are also available with features such as organization inserts, door racks, roll out shelving, and soft close options.

Custom: Custom cabinetry is the top tier in types of cabinets with the most options for material, finish, construction, and other modifications. Premier cabinet designers and craftsmen can meet just about any need for any space. They are capable of working with existing designs and cabinetry as well as creating something new and extraordinary. They can bring your vision to life.

Inset vs. Overlay Cabinets:

Overlay Cabinet Doors: Overlay cabinet doors come in two varieties: full overlay and partial overlay. Full overlay cabinet doors tend to have a more streamlined and seamless look of the two. They cover the entire front of the cabinet box. This creates a clean look by revealing only a small portion of the frame or cabinet box when two doors are viewed side by side.

Partial Overlay Cabinet Doors are often considered more traditional looking. They cover only part of the frame or cabinet box front which leaves a larger portion showing.

Inset Cabinet Doors:

Inset cabinets are typically some of the more expensive options on the market. Just as their name suggests, these cabinet doors are made with a door set inside the frame of the cabinet so the door sits flush to the frame. To ensure that the wood sits neatly inside the frame and opens and closes easily, these are built using very precise measurements. Their look is incredibly classic and is easy to customize to your personal preferences.

When personalizing your inset cabinets you have the option of beaded or non-beaded inserts. Non-beaded or plain inserts feature a perfectly flat face with no detailing. These serve well for more modern cabinets or the Shaker style with clean, simple lines and minimal decorative details.

Beaded inserts have additional decorative details on the frame surrounding the door or drawer known as a “bead”. A bead is a groove or rounded edge cut into the wood and acts as an additional frame or outline to your doors and drawers. The bead can be created in a couple of ways: either as a moulding applied directly to the face or by being carved out with a router. Beading is a true mark of custom cabinetry.

Cabinet Door Styles:

dark wood kitchen with modern slab cabinets
Image of Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Another major style consideration are door styles. There are numerous options available and these can drastically change the look of your overall design. Different designers and craftsmen offer a varying selection of styles, but here is a list of general styles that are typically available.

1.) Shaker Style – This is one of the most commonly used styles in kitchens and bathrooms today. The Shaker-style is made up of a flat center panel that is framed on all sides. It is a clean, classic look that can read as traditional or contemporary. These are most often manufactured with high quality American wood such as cherry, maple, hickory, and quartersawn oak and look great in a variety of colors or stains. This is also a great option for showing off specialty hardware such as knobs and pulls.

2.) Slab – Also known as flat-panel cabinet doors. These are minimalist in form and feel very contemporary. They are made as solid slabs with no framing with materials ranging from solid wood to laminate or thermofoil. The slab style feels serene and is very easy to clean and maintain.

3.) Beadboard – These cabinet doors feature rows of vertical planks with “beads” or ridges between each plank. These are often seen in french style or farmhouse style kitchens. They had texture to the overall design but can be more difficult to clean. These also look great in a variety of painted colors or stains.

4.) Arched or Cathedral Style Doors – Arch style doors are framed with an arch at the top and are a great option for upper cabinets. They help to create height by drawing the eye upward. These are a more traditional style, but can certainly be given a modern spin through finish selections and hardware.

5.) Glass Front – These are just as described – wood framed doors with a glass center panel. Glass Front doors are often used for the upper cabinets and paired with a solid cabinet style for the base cabinets. They provide a great opportunity to showcase china or glassware and can be backlit for a more dramatic effect. Glass front cabinets are a nice alternative to open shelving because it reduces dust and grime that might otherwise buildup on your glasses or dishware.

6.) Distressed – A perfect option for an antique styled kitchen. This option can be applied to most door styles to give them an age-old look using distressing techniques. There is typically an upcharge for this option.

7.) Louvered – Louvered cabinets are made with horizontal wood slats and have a very distinct look. These provide ventilation and are great in humid climates or for areas such as the laundry room or for media cabinetry where you may want air circulation.

Types of Cabinetry Continued:

When choosing cabinetry, whether its kitchen and bathroom, it is important to be familiar with the types of cabinetry in relation to function and location within the design. There are base cabinets, wall cabinets, pantry cabinets, cabinet doors, and cabinet drawers.

Base Cabinets:

Base cabinets are your lower cabinets. They are the base and support for your countertops and need to be well-balanced and sturdy as countertops are typically very heavy. In kitchen designs these are also used for creating kitchen islands or window seating. Your standard base cabinets run 36 inches tall and 24 inches deep. Different manufacturers offer varying options for increased depth to add more storage space and countertop space. When creating custom cabinets – you have the opportunity to select your exact base cabinet height and depth to meet your needs. Typically base cabinets sit 4 inches from the ground with a toe kick or recessed riser.

For bathroom designs, base cabinets provide the foundation for your vanity and offer organization. Again – choosing well-balanced, sturdy designs are important for support.

white bathroom cabinets with tile painted tile floor
Image of Bathroom Cabinets

Wall Cabinets:

Wall cabinets or wall-mounted cabinets are your upper cabinets. These are very important to the functionality and style of your design because they are the most visible, sitting at eye level. For this reason, they are very important in the remodeling process as many clients choose to keep their existing base cabinets but update their wall cabinets to give the kitchen a refreshed look.

Wall cabinets also offer an opportunity to make your space feel larger. They draw the eye upward and by grouping them together on a single wall, they can make the overall space feel larger. By choosing different cabinet door styles for your upper cabinets (such as the arch style or glass cabinets) you can also trick the eye and make the space feel larger and more open.

Typically wall cabinets are 12 inches deep. With semi-custom or custom options you can increase that depth to add more storage.

Wall cabinets are also a great addition to laundry rooms!

Pantry Cabinets:

Pantry cabinets are your tall cabinets. These are full height and often extend from the floor to the ceiling. This gives you the most storage with heights generally ranginer for 84-96 inches. Again these help draw the eye upward and create vertical space within a design. These are excellent for food storage as well as utility storage for items such as brooms, mops, etc.

Drawer Cabinets:

Drawers are a crucial part of any kitchen design and provide the most functional storage. Because these are the most used, it is vital that these are well made with quality construction. We recommend a minimum thickness of ½ inch plywood to ensure longevity and strength. Those with thicker plywood will have increased strength and longevity and are often a mainstay in semi-stock and custom selections.

There are multiple drawer styles and configurations to give you the best storage options for your needs. Here are some drawer options to consider when designing your cabinet package: corner drawer cabinets, furniture drawer cabinets, pegged dish organizer drawer, warming drawer, utensil drawer, filing drawer, u-shaped drawer.

Corner Drawer Cabinets: Corners always pose a difficult area in kitchens. Often you’ll see rotating shelves used in this space, but corner drawers offer a great solution to the corner conundrum. They allow you to see everything and maximize the functionality of this space.

Furniture Drawer Cabinets: These are extremely durable and sturdy drawers that are deep. They are great for holding heavy items such as pots and pans or bottles of wine or cleaning supplies. Again these are great in that they allow you to see everything and easily access the item you’re looking for. These work great in kitchen designs in addition to under window seating or in a laundry or mudroom.

Pegged Dish Organizer Drawer: Keep dishes neatly organized and in place using a customizable peg drawer.

Warming Drawer: Keep dishes and meals warm while preparing meals or entertaining guests.

Utensil Drawer – This is drawer is designed with organizational inserts and dividers to organize utensils and kitchen tools

Filing Drawer: Great for in home offices or working spaces within open concept kitchens. These are just as described and provide file storage while blending seamlessly with your cabinets.

U-Shaped Drawer: Also called a vanity drawer. This fits neatly around plumbing in your kitchen or bath allowing better use of the under the-sink space.

Typical drawer styles include slab drawer fronts and five-piece drawer fronts. Similar to the door styles, the slab fronts are minimal with a clean single panel. The five piece drawer fronts are framed with one four pieces around a center panel. The center panel can be raised or recessed and these typically have a more traditional look.

Here are some important features to know when considering cabinet drawers:

Dovetail Joint – This is a type of corner joint made up of interlocking pins that hold the drawer together and give it strength and resiliency.

Drawer glide – This is the mechanism used for opening and closing drawers. They are offered as side-mount or under-mount.

Soft Close – This is a mechanism that is integrated into the glides or hinges and prevents the door from slamming shut. This is available in many lines and is always a sought after feature.

Other Speciality Cabinet Units to Consider:

Outside of the drawer options we previously mentioned, there are tons of other options for cabinet customization that improves the functionality and look of your kitchen. These include items such as sink or cooktop fronts, hutches, appliance garages, bottle racks, and suspended cabinet units for above island storage. Typically these more speciality units are only available through semi-custom or custom cabinet makers. Each vendor will offer different options so be sure to discuss these items with your designer or cabinet maker.

Why work with a professional?

Now that you’ve got the basics of cabinetry types and styles, I’m sure you’re asking why should I hire a professional? While this is a job that can be completed by the homeowner, working with a professional designer is recommended. In addition to helping you with aesthetic choices, they will help you properly measure the space and evaluate how you can best use cabinetry within that space to make the most functional design. Often times designers will give you access to exclusive lines that help you better achieve the style or functionality you’re looking for. In addition they will ensure that every piece of the design works together from appliances to countertops and plumbing down to hardware and any other finishes or furnishings.

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