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Creating the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Whether you are planning a kitchen design for your new home or sprucing up your current abode, a kitchen makeover is exciting. You’ve put the capital aside, you have time-alloted for the renovation, so now the exciting part is among us: design!

With all of the time spent in the kitchen; family breakfasts, friends talking over appetizers, kitchens quickly become the most important and active room in your home. The design will be crucial to ensuring this space is not only visually pleasing but organized and functional.

You may have a clear picture in mind for the space, but if not, here are all the aspects you should consider to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Have a Solid Design Plan

A house should flow from room to room. If your entire house is sleek and modern, a farmhouse styled kitchen could upset the entire atmosphere. What is the current paint job? Did you save room in the budget for a new paint color, or are you even able to squeeze it in timewise?

There are many online personality quizzes that can even show the type of kitchen that will fit your personal style. Take account of what the kitchen needs to do for you to decide where certain staples need placed.

Choosing Cabinets

Cabinets will give way to the entire aesthetic of the kitchen. Choosing these first will let you decide on color scheme and style early on. Searching for cabinet designs can be a nightmare if you are unsure of what you’re looking for. They come in all sizes, colors, and finishes. Understand if you want solid wood cabinets, or if you want them to carry a vibrant acrylic coloring.

Think of the handles. Yes, they may seem minute, but the way the entire kitchen comes together will depend on the small details. Matching knobs to appliance types is a way to bring the entire design together.

Finally, always know what you need stored, and that all the cabinets can contain everything, plus future purchases. Plan the cabinets out for the needs, and know what you’re comfortable storing on upper and lower levels.

The Addition of Countertops

Countertops range from beautiful granite to more modern cement designs. These will heavily depend on the overall style of the room, but also the cabinets they are placed upon. Keep in mind countertops will need to cover a lot of space, and while hefty materials like granite are highly durable and will provide a certain look, this can be one of the higher costs in a kitchen remodel.

Counter space will be a vital aspect of your kitchen design. You will need enough room to store appliances and room to work while cooking. Take into consideration future use, do you plan to serve food from the kitchen area?  Will there be any incoming appliances that will need a space of their own.

Appliances That Complete the Look

The selection of appliances are vast, but their looks are even more exciting than in the prior years. There is the basic white or black appliances, but color is also coming back into fashion. Stainless steel is a popular favorite, but new copper and bronze appliances are making a scene in fashion-forward kitchen designs.

Smart appliances are on the rise, including refrigerators with screens to easily take stock of what you have and what you need from the store without shuffling through everything inside. Consider a built-in microwave, this will save room on countertops but can take away from cabinet space.

Think Custom

If nothing fits your exact image of your dream kitchen, do not fret, simply create a custom design. These can be cabinets with dual tones, or with interesting non-conventional knobs. Cabinets can be designed to fit the exact use it is for. This includes built-in knife storage, or other particular styles designed with convenience in mind.

Once you decide what your ideal design is, a beautiful and efficient space is not far away. Keep in mind the space you are working with, and know your budget inside out, just in case hidden costs pop up along the way. Think of your kitchen as an extension of your personality, as the entire house should be. Wake up everyday happy to make your way to your dream kitchen.

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